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I'm very sorry that you experienced so many mess-ups on your car. Sometimes we are flooded with so many cars that it's difficult to get every last one of the done in the time that we are given because we may run into problems on one car. (One wreck on the freeway can make it hard to be at work on time.) We never want to keep your car longer than is absolutely necessary, so the reason that you were asked if you could wait was that it takes 2 men... Read more

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I have been to Adams only a few times, but I will never go there again. On one occasion, my tires weren't balanced with the oil change service (which I know because I had a low tire that was still in exactly the same place after the oil change). Another service I had done there was the replacement of the serpentine belt. A short while after it was replaced it started to make a squealing sound. I took it in and had it adjusted and again, after... Read more

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Took my car to get an oil change Adams put a cheap and or faulty filter in my vehicle. As result caused oil to spill out the top of the housing unit!! Same your money and take else where. Run!! Called the company and tried to argue over the oil change. The filter was pulled and had dry rotten inside Of the unit. I took pics of where the oil spilled out and I kept the filter. Please just take your vehicle back to the dealership or find a trust... Read more

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Avoid using these people. I took my truck in for repairs. I told them what my truck needed to run properly. They didn't do what I requested. But they claimed to do $500 worth of labor on something. After 3 days, I took my truck back because the problem remained. They kept it for 4 more days. They wouldn't even call my number to say what they found, they called my wife telling her that they couldn't see a problem. I picked my truck... Read more

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